Are you interested in finding ways to make some extra cash online, but are worried about getting caught up in one of those scam websites? Unfortunately, there are plenty of those out there, but don’t worry, there are several legitimate websites where you can actually make a bit of money. You are never going to get rich quick by doing this, but you can add a little bit to your regular income so you have some extra spending cash.

So, how do you find legitimate survey websites that actually pay out? One way is by reading reviews about the various websites, such as our review on Pinecone Research. We are going to talk about what this site offers, and the many different ways you can get paid. We will also let you know about the downsides to using this site. If you are ready to start earning money online, check out what we have to say about Pinecone Research.

About Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a well-known website when it comes to doing surveys. This site is owned and operated by Nielson, which most people know as the company that does the television ratings. This is a site where you can actually earn a bit of extra cash, and you can help improve the quality of many products and services just by giving your opinion. It is easy to use, and most surveys take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. If you have an hour a day to spare, you can start earning money right away.

Who’s It For?

Do you want to make some extra cash without having to do any real work? If so, Pinecone Research is definitely a website you need to check out. You can make money simply by doing online surveys that only take a few minutes. And, every so often, you will be offered the chance to do five-minute surveys that will add even more money to your account. You will have a variety of payment options, and you can choose from PayPal cash, checks, or various gift cards and debit/credit cards.

Using the Website

Joining Pinecone Research and using the website is easy, and if you enjoy doing surveys, it can also be quite fun. Keep in mind that you must be invited by other members in order to join, or look for a “join” link posted on another website. Currently, there are links for people in the US, Canada, and the UK. Getting paid is easy, and your personal information is always protected because there is plenty of security in place to prevent internet fraud.

man doing an online survey on his tablet


There are all kinds of interesting surveys that Pinecone Research emails to members, and they are on various topics. Generally, most surveys take about 15 to 20 minutes to do, and there are also some shorter surveys that can take anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes to complete. Keep in mind that you will not be paid for these shorter surveys, but your opinion still counts, and it will help to improve many products and services.

Product Testing

Another way to earn rewards is to get involved with product testing. There are not a lot of opportunities for this with Pinecone Research, but there are occasions when you may be asked to review products. These products will be sent to your home, and often members are allowed to keep the products they test and review once they have finished.


You will also have the opportunity to enter sweepstakes each month. There is a bi-weekly draw, as well as a quarterly draw. If you win a bi-weekly draw, you can win $500, and if you win the quarterly draw, the winnings total $5,400. Not bad for simply entering your name into a draw while you are earning money doing surveys. If you are a winner, the Pinecone Research website will publish your last initial and the state where you live.

Types of Rewards

Each time you take a survey, you will be awarded at least 300 points, which is the equivalent of $3 (Canadian, US, and British pounds). There are many different ways that you can collect and use the money you earn. If you want the money, you can choose PayPal or a check once you have earned a minimum of $3. You can also choose Amazon E-cards, catalog and gift cards from Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, etc., and prepaid Virtual Visa cards (some of these are only available to persons living in the United States or US territories).

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This site is ranked second on Survey Police, and it has an overall rating of 85/100, which is based on more than 250 user reviews. It also received four out of five stars, and ranks high on other sites.


Each survey pays $3, whereas other survey sites only pay you a few cents per survey. Your payments can really add up when you are taking surveys from Pinecone Research.

Survey Quality

You won’t be stuck doing annoying, stupid, or boring surveys. The quality of the surveys from Pinecone Research is better than average, making this a very popular survey site.



Instead of automatically being paid in cash, you get points which you then have to turn around and redeem for cash or gift cards, which means it takes a bit longer to get pad.


Because you get surveys through emails and not by visiting the site daily, you won’t have access to as many surveys as you would if you were using other survey websites.


You may not get as many surveys as you do on other sites, but you will find that the quality of the surveys you get from Pinecone Research is much higher than what you may be used to, and that you get pad a lot more; your account is going to add up quite quickly. The more surveys you do, and the longer you let the cash build up, the more you will be able to cash out later.