Tired of sifting through the thousands of survey sites out there? Looking for a trustworthy American site that does everything a solid online panel should do without worrying about if you’re going to get paid? Opinion Outpost may be for you.

About Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an American online survey panel that collects feedback from their panelists who provide their thoughts and opinions on major brands and companies. They are owned by and operate as the United States’ branch of Survey Sampling International (SSI), an international market research firm with more than a decade of experience helping to connect brands and consumers to improve marketing efforts.

Who It’s For

As an online survey site, Opinion Outpost is for anyone who is looking to provide feedback on brands, products, services, and topics in exchange for rewards. With your feedback, you can help shape how huge brands advertise to consumers like you. They give you the chance to let your opinion be heard and improve the services offered by some of your favorite companies. In return for your valuable feedback, you’ll receive rewards, making surveys a fun way to earn a little bit of extra money.

woman completing an online survey on her laptop

The Process

First things first – you’re going to need an account. Signing up for Opinion Outpost is totally free and requires nothing more than your name and an email address to get started. After creating and confirming your account, you’ll be ready to start completing surveys.

The first surveys you’ll complete will ask for information about you as a panelist and consumer. Information like your spending habits, education, family size, and more will help companies to determine if you fall into their targeted demographic. For example, if you’re a new mother, you’ll be a better match than a single male bachelor when it comes to baby crib surveys. Additionally, if you fall into a niche demographic like a doctor or other medical professional, you’re likely to receive more offers because there are fewer relevant applicants.

Surveys on Opinion Outpost can be accessed through 2 places: your email and your dashboard. If you’re looking to complete a survey opportunity but don’t have any waiting in your inbox, you can sign into your account and check the dashboard for anything that is available. You can also keep an eye on your inbox, as they will send you opportunities that apply to you as they become available. Whether you’re on the website or in your email, you’ll be told what you can expect, what you’ll earn, and be provided a link to direct you to the offer. Be sure to accept any invitations as soon as possible though, because they can fill up quickly.


The surveys at Opinion Outpost are curated to collect feedback about a variety of topics, products, and services. To collect this information, Opinion Outpost offers 3 different types of survey that you can complete. They will usually take about 10-15 minutes of your time, and you’ll be rewarded with points at the end.

The first type is the standard questionnaire, which consists of questions that require either a multiple choice or longform response. You’ll take these on your PC after being asked to review a product, video, or just a thought prompt and will give your thoughts about whatever the prompt is. This is the most common kind of survey you’ll come across online, but usually the lowest paying.

Mobile surveys are also offered on Opinion Outpost, allowing users to take the surveys on the go with them. By using your smartphone, you can complete offers on the go without needing to be tied down to your home PC or laptop. All you need is an internet connection and some spare time.

Product testing is perhaps the best survey option available. With product testing, you’ll often receive a product in the mail to test and give your feedback on. After you answer their questions, you’ll be able to keep the product you tested for free in addition to earning rewards on the site. You can also be given a website, app, or game to test instead as an exclusive early look, allowing you to quality test and help shape the final product.


Opinion Outpost uses points for their rewards, with a 1 point to $0.10 ratio when it comes time to redeem your points. Many surveys will take about 10 minutes and will vary in pay between 5-50 points, allowing you to earn anywhere between $0.50 and $5 for 10-15 minutes of your time. Not too bad of a rate!

Once you reach 50 points, you’ll be able to redeem your points for a digital gift card through Amazon or iTunes. These rewards are often sent right away, rarely taking more than a few hours to receive the digital code. You can also receive a PayPal payment once you hit 100 points, which is often paid out within a business day or so. Be sure to verify your PayPal account to avoid any delays!

man calculating his online survey earnings

The Pros

Solid pay

At 5-50 points per survey, Opinion Outpost definitely falls into the higher end when it comes to the return on your time. Many sites offer as little as $0.01 for a few minutes of your time, so getting more than 50 times that sounds great.

Fast cash out

While many survey sites require 4 weeks or more for payment, Opinion Outpost usually sends digital gift card codes out within a few hours, and PayPal payments within a day or so.

Multiple survey types

With product testing and mobile surveys available, you’re able to earn more money and some cool rewards when compared to standard questionnaires.

The Cons

Limited opportunities

Despite offering on-demand survey opportunities on the site, users have complained about a lack of high-paying opportunities by email. This is likely to vary depending on the user’s demographic, but it makes it hard to rely on Opinion Outpost exclusively.


Opinion Outpost is a solid option to add to your collection of online panels. It offers decent pay, fast payments, a variety of cash-out options, and multiple survey types. There is some concern about the quantity of surveys you’ll receive, but as a highly trusted company with a decade of experience, you can rely on Opinion Outpost to do their best to give you chances to earn.