If you’re looking to complete online surveys to provide feedback and earn rewards, you’re going to come across a wide variety of panels that are available. They all have their own pros and cons, but very few have significantly more pros than cons. Fortunately, this Ipsos I-Say Review finds it as one of those panels – and it is 100% legitimate.

About Ipsos I-Say

If you’re looking for a highly reputable, massive company to register with to ensure that you get your rewards for the surveys you complete, Ipsos I-Say is about as trustworthy as it gets. Running over 70 million interviews a year and serving more than 5,000 clients in 100+ countries makes them one of the leaders of the industry.

Ipsos I-Say is a division of Ipsos – a market research firm founded in 1975 that has more than 15,000 employees and over 3 million panelists on its team – that collects feedback from their panelists through surveys, focus groups, and more. The panelists that are invited to participate act as a representative of consumers in their niche, giving information from a specific type of consumer’s point of view. Ipsos then uses that information to provide insight to the surveying company about what the market thinks about a new release, product, or service they’re offering.

Who’s Eligible

To participate in the Ipsos I-Say program, you’ll need to be 18 or older and living in one of their supported countries. As Ipsos is an international firm, they offer support for a wide variety of users all around the world. This includes the United States, Canada, all of the UK, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, and a variety of other countries and locations.

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Getting Started

The first step to getting started is to visit the I-Say website to create your account. Simply click the big “Join Now” button on the homepage to be taken to the account registration page. Here you’ll create a login that will allow you to track surveys, rewards, and more as well as providing basic contact information to receive payments later.

After the account is made, you’ll have to fill out more information to tell Ipsos I-Say more about you, including your:

  • Marital status
  • Race
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Spending habits
  • and more

With this information, Ipsos I-say will be able to screen potential survey opportunities to find out if particular surveys apply to you before offering them. This way you’ll spend less time answering questions just to figure out you’re not qualified to participate, and there’s a better chance that you’ll receive an offer for something that interests you.

Once you have your account created and your profile filled out, you’re ready to begin earning rewards for completing opportunities. These will appear on your account dashboard and will also be emailed to you, so keep an eye on both to make sure you don’t miss any chances.


Surveys on Ipsos I-Say come in a few different formats. Unlike many sites that simply offer small questionnaires, you’ll find:

Online focus groups

Like simple surveys, an online focus group will require you to provide feedback about topics, trends, products, services, and more. However, with a focus group you will work with a group of people to discuss the product and share your opinions with each other. This allows for more comprehensive opinions because the surveyor is able to see the reasoning behind your opinions rather than just your answers to questions, and you may have concerns addressed by another participant.

Product testing

Probably the most fun “survey” opportunity there is, product testing lets you try out a product or service from a company. This can be testing a new website, mobile app, or a physical product sent to you from their new product line. You’ll get an exclusive look at some new releases, and in many cases, you’ll get to keep what you test.

Mobile surveys

Don’t feel like being tied down to your PC in order to earn money and provide feedback? Mobile surveys allow you to take the opportunity on the go. With Ipsos I-Say’s mobile app you’ll be able to complete surveys wherever you have internet access.

Video surveys

If you want to earn even more money for your feedback, video surveys are for you. They allow you to use a camera to conduct a video interview with someone, or simply record your thoughts on something you’re testing. These could be for testimonials or other marketing and will almost always pay more.


Before completing a survey, you’ll be told the estimated time to complete it as well as the reward for completion. As Ipsos I-Say uses points instead of dollar balances, you’ll often earn 10-100 points per survey – depending on the length and complexity (video surveys and other formats usually earn more). At $0.01 per point, you can expect anywhere between $0.10-$1.00 on average, with some higher-pay opportunities being available as well. These points are usually credited to you within a week of completion of the survey, and once you reach 500 points ($5), you can cash out.

Ipsos I-Pay has great cash out options. They offer:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Retail gift cards
  • Prepaid Visa cards
  • Charitable donations

Most digital gift cards are sent within a week of cashing out, while PayPal and physical gift cards may take 2-4 weeks instead.

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Ipsos I-Say vs. Other Sites

If you’ve researched other sites, you probably realize that Ipsos I-Say is in the upper tier of panels available. Their variety in opportunity types helps to keep you from getting bored of the basic survey setup, and their cash out options and low cash out requirement make it easy to turn those rewards into money. They’re also highly reputable, so you know that you’ll be compensated for your time.


To put it simply – if you’re looking to complete online surveys, register for Ipsos I-Say. After all, over 3 million other panelists can’t be wrong!

Whether it’s your exclusive panel or you simply add it in the mix with the rest of the sites you’ve joined, there’s no reason not to sign up. They do just about everything right, with the variety in opportunity, easy payouts, and incredible reputation making it a no-brainer.